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New April 2007

Have you thought of using our 'The Prodigal Civilisation' story in the classroom? It is available here to download (see Tab right)

Also  - available end of April 2007 'Earth Connect' - a series of meditative stations on an environmental theme, suitable for Citizenship and RE.

Citizenship Education provides an enormous opportunity for schools to think again about the whole purpose and methodology of education.

AGORA has been developing a radically different approach to Citizenship that allows teachers and young people to explore issues of Citizenship for themselves. Our approach centres around four key themes - story, trust, power and success.

AGORA’s Co-ordinator, Chris Sunderland, has been a member of The Advisory Board for Citizenship set up by the University of Bristol Graduate School for Education and has worked particularly with Ruth Deakin Crick and Debbie Peskett in this developmental phase. This thematic approach to Citizenship Education has been adopted by the Board and is now taught as part of the PGCE Citizenship course.

A series of four books have now been published by the Stapleford Centre under the title Exploring Citizenship. These aim to introduce teachers and teacher educators to the subject of Citizenship using the thematic approach. See Exploring Citizenship for further details and ordering information.

For a 'lightly academic' intoduction to this approach see the downloadable PGCE Citizenship document.

We are open to invitations to run seminars in this area. Those we have done so far have been enthusiastically received. Contact: [email protected]

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The Citizenship Education session was superb! - from a recent conference evaluation

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