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We are glad to report a growing awareness of Agora's work through the UK.

Our vision is to build a network of leaders across the country, equipped and able to run Agora-style events.

Rather than be continually dependent on large and influential funding organisations, our strategy is to develop a supporter base from those we have had contact with in some way and who appreciate our work and vision.

We anticipate Agora will always 'travel light' with a bare minimum of paid staff and overheads. Yet if we are to grow we do need some extra resources.

Our current target is simply to be able to employ a part time administrator who can keep up contacts around the country and organise training that will equip people to run Agora-style events.

It is also to give us the seed money to publish some of our resources (like Burning Issues) in hard copy so that these too can be a training resource.

We hope that you might consider joining us in this venture and becoming a supporter of Agora. In return supporters will be offered free or substantially discounted prices on any published resources.

If you would like to consider supporting us simply email: [email protected] saying 'Please send more details about supporting Agora' and we will do the rest.

Note on Tax - Agora became a charity in August 2005 so we can now reclaim tax on your gifts.

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