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About Agora
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The Agora was the civic centre of a Greek city. The marketplace was there. So was the local authority. Among the colonnades were the moral and religious thinkers. When the law courts met, they would set up in the Agora. The Agora was the centre of public life. All sorts of conversation happened there and it was accessible to all.

Our aim is to create new spaces in our society that are like the AGORA in the sense of being inclusive and accessible and where all sorts of public life is on the agenda.

Our overall strategy

  • To identify and create new places of meeting, or 'spaces,' in society for the highest possible quality of conversation about public matters
  • to ensure that these spaces are as inclusive and accessible as possible
  • to build on peoples' life experience as a source of knowledge and resist domination by experts
  • to acknowledge that we interpret life through our beliefs, values and commitments and to help people own and work with these
  • to work to build realistic trust and common vision

Organisational strategy

  • AGORA will be conceived as a dynamic organisation that will act in society as yeast in dough, making all sorts of things happen without necessarily being named as the source.
  • It will not seek to accrue power to itself, but will rather aim to equip leaders to creatively engage with their communities around issues of public life.
  • It will not seek to clone a settled set of programmes, but continually explore new possibilities for imaginative engagement with public life.
  • As part of its educational role, AGORA will aim to offer resources to intellectual life, justifying its approaches and engaging with the academic community around public life issues.
  • AGORA will seek partnerships with a broad range of institutions looking for synergies of operation and new spaces to explore.
  • those who work for AGORA should therefore be adventurous people, always willing to take risks and explore new possibilities. They should also be people with relational skills, able to encourage others towards leadership.

Project Agora is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with Company number 4430518 and Charity Registration number 1110788

Registered office: 50 Guest Avenue, Emersons Green, Bristol BS16 7GA
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