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Beliefs, values and commitments
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New January 2008

A Journey to a New Kind of Life - just the ticket for Lent, based on personal storytelling and actual life change. Some have described it as a cross between Alcoholics Anonymous and a Methodist Class! You could also see it as a discipleship course- see tabs to the right

A new website exploring Christian thinking as it relates to the environment - your contributions and conversation are invited on the Dream of Shalom website - a place that we are hoping to make a hot spot of innovative Christian thinking. go to www.dreamofshalom.wordpress.com

For those in the Bristol area: you are invited to join a Christian/environmental network set up as a Google Group for those in the Bristol region, designed specifically for members to post items of interest, local events, and events that you are putting on, engage in conversation, offer examples of good practice etc. Go to http://groups.google.com/group/shalombristol?hl=en and request an invitation to join.

Also dont forget:

Earth Connect' - a meditative walk suitable for churches, schools and other venues, designed to help people reflect on our interaction with the environment. Greeted with considerable enthusiasm at its trial in February. Based on a 'light touch' Christian spirituality. Now published: Click tab on the right of this page for details.


Mike Hill, Anglican Bishop of Bristol says:

 The Christian community must rise to the challenge of climate change and the environment.

Nigel Coles says for the Baptists

   As Christians we can choose to ignore the challenges presented all around us, follow everyone else a few steps behind, or grasp the opportunities to express creatively our relationship with the Creator and our response to this wonderful planet.

 All of us have deep level commitments about life. For the last few centuries many academics have been committed to science and reason as the answer to the problems of society. Today, many are looking to the way we all use stories as a means of making sense of human experience and searching for what is true and right. Our beliefs, values and commitments are expressed in our stories and a vital resource in their formation. It seems we all use deep level commitments of some sort or another to interpret the world. AGORA seeks to help people acknowledge and work with their deepest commitments about life.'

Also free downloads - access from tabs right - two stories that have had a powerful impact on people and stimulated conversation. Now available for you to tell.

A Tale of Two Messiahs - a provocative comment on the invasion of Iraq. Written before the war in 2003 and sadly still very relevant.

The Prodigal Civilisation - a story based around the Prodigal Son, but about a civilisation that 'squandered its inheritance' - about oil addiction, climate change and the environment.

Also as all our politicians are now falling over themselves to use the language of trust, we offer a summary of how recent thinking about trust relates to the ancient wisdom of the scriptures. This resource 'Bringing the Bible to bear on issues of trust in society' plots modern understandings against biblical examples in order to demonstrate the difference that faith can make in this area. (see tab right 'Bringing bible to bear on trust')

Also for a topical conversation 'When does religion encourage violence?' Download it free from our new Resources section.Try it out and tell us how it went.

Other resources in this section include Faith Matters a series of three conversations designed to help people in faith communities think about power and how it works within the life of their community (see tab right 'Faith Matters')

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Beliefs, values & commitments

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"I was spellbound" -listener to The Prodigal Civilisation

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