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 Community Development Study
Using the internet, together with face to face community work, as a means to enhance community life and active citizenship
 Creative Hustings
As many prepare for a general election, some thoughts on the running of hustings...
 When does religion encourage violence?
In a world where both freedom fighters and empire builders use religious language to justify their actions we ask 'When does religion encourage violence?' It is a conversation that will challenge both those who have faith and those who do not. It is designed to help us get past our immediate reactions and think carefully about this vital issue.
 The Power of Story
Tens of millions of people watch soaps like Eastenders every week? What does that do to society? A new sort of conversation for small groups looking at all sorts of stories and their impact on us.
 Report from Gloucester
Read Bruce Clifford's report of some enterprising conversations that he hosted in Gloucester.
 Planning a Conversation
A new and updated resource including how to choose a subject, imagine the conversation and deal with difficult group dynamics
Recent events have given many cause to be worried about the relationship between politics and the media. Who is really calling the shots? And what does that do to the rest of us?
 A Surveillance Society
We all now leave a data trail in our wake. CCTV cameras and identity cards raise vital issues for the future. Are we giving great power to an unscrupulous government of the future that felt threatened by particular groups of people. Or are we simply making life more convenient for us all?
 Emerging Global Order
What will the future look like? Bullied by a dominant superpower or the builidng of an effective multi-lateral institution? Your chance to explore the options.
 The Prodigal Civilisation
 Earth Connect
 The Prodigal Civilisation
available now for you to tell - this story about the civilisation that sqandered its inheritane
 A Tale of Two Messiahs
Available now for you to tell - this provocative tale based on the invasion of Iraq
 Bringing the Bible to bear on Trust
As all our politicians are now falling over themselves to use the language of trust, we offer a summary of how recent thinking about trust relates to the ancient wisdom of the scriptures. This resource plots modern understandings against biblical examples in order to demonstrate the difference that faith can make in this area
 Defending the Faith
The first in our 'Faith Matters' series for faith communities. on discerning core values and promoting creative change in a faith community.
 The Chooseday Cafe - poster
 Dangerous Subcultures
Gangs of various sorts thrive in the subculture of the UK. They foster violence and gun crime and subvert the law. How should we deal with this?
 PGCE Citizenship
The thinking behind a new approach to Citizenship Education that has been adopted by Bristol University’s Advisory Board for Citizenship and uses four key themes to interest and engage young people.
 Working with Power
Second in 'Faith Matters' series for faith communities – Power does go wrong. People can be hurt. This conversation asks the hard questions about power and its use in your faith community.
 Setting up a storycircle
Making friends, having fun and building community – these are all things to expect when you host your own storycircle. How to run a storycircle Agora-style!
 More about In search of vision
More details about this innovative course that is designed to help people think their way into engagement with the issues of today’s world and include faith commitments in the process.
 Teaching and Learning
Third in our 'Faith Matters' series for faith communities – Educational models reveal much about power structures. With Christian education still dominated by the monologue sermon, this conversation encourages us to think about what is going on and consider other models of teaching and learning in the faith community
 More about Bible Encounters
A black book read in a monotone from the front or a story told eye to eye and gut to gut. What’s the difference? Think about the sheer power of presenting Biblical narratives as told story.
People take very polarised views about immigration. This could be your chance to hear and feel the other point of view and consider who we can deal well with issues raised by immigration.
 The Chooseday Cafe - poster
 Earth Connect

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